Shipping Information:
On orders totalling
$50.00 or more.
Holiday Shipping: In the event that a holiday falls on a Monday, orders that will reach their
destination by Saturday of that same week will ship out on Tuesday. Orders requiring more
transit time will be shipped on the following Monday.
Shipping Days: We ship all orders out on Monday and Tuesday. This is to avoid plants
sitting in a hot/cold warehouse, or a carrier vehicle over the weekend.
Tracking: Once your plants have shipped, we will email you a tracking number for your
package. If the shipping invoice has not been paid within 4 business days, the plants may
be returned to the greenhouse. This is for the safety of the plants. Please understand that
this could delay shipping once the shipping invoice has been paid
Orders less then $50.00: Will be billed separately for shipping once your plants are ready
to ship, and shipping charges have been calculated. We will email the shipping invoice to
your email address that you have furnished to PayPal. If this is not the email you wish us to
use then please contact us with the email that you want us to use. We will ship your plants
once the invoice has been paid.
FREE shipping: Orders totalling $50.00 or more ship for free.
Shipping Method: We ship using USPS priority mail, priority flat rate, or first class mail.
Shipping Location: We only ship within the USA.
Out Of Stock / Back Orders: In the event that a purchased plant is temporarily not
available at the time of shipping, and as not to delay shipping of the other plants in the
order, we will ship all available plants in the order as scheduled. The unavailable plant will
ship as soon as we have them back in stock, at no additional charge for shipping, and a
tracking number will be emailed to you.
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