Rat Tail Cactus
Aporocactus flagelliformis

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Slender trailing stems that can grow 3 to 5 feet long and
gracefully hang down over the sides of its pot. Stems are
covered with short, reddish brown spines. In spring, its
stems bear dozens of reddish to fuchsia-pink tubular
flowers that stand perpendicular to the stems. They are two
to three inch long and can last for several days. Protect
from freezing. Sun tolerance: Best in light shade for
afternoon. Blooming and growth will suffer in darker
conditions. keep the soil from completely drying out from
April to October; less water is required from November
until    March, just enough to keep the stems from dying
back. In winter, keeping the plants cold and dry encourages

Growing in 3" pots and shipped bare root.
Plant may or may not be in bloom at time of shipping.
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